Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Male Breast Enlargement Pills - How Do They Work?

Males who wish to have their breasts enlarged, have many options today. One of the most popular option is male breast enlargement pills.

But what kinds of pills are there? Can males use any breast enlargement pill? Who should use them?

First of all, there are many breast enlargement pills on the market, but these were made for women. Most of these pills contain Phytoestrogens which mimic the female hormone, Estrogen. It is the amount of Estrogen in a female or male body which determines the size of her or his breasts.

Because the composition of breast tissue in males and females is similar, males react to Phytoestrogens just as females do. But males need to be careful. Don't use any female breast enlargement pill. Make sure that the pills that you choose have been taken by males and have shown the kind of results that you're seeking.

Male breast augmentation pills come in two major forms: Herbal and hormonal.

Herbal pills are the pills I have already outlined which are based on Phytoestrogens. These can provide excellent results and develop naturally looking and feeling breasts. Herbal pills target the breast tissue only, so the only feminization changes you will see are in your breast area.

On the other hand, hormonal pills may bring about other feminine changes apart from an increase in your breast size. These work by inducing your body to develop more estrogen and to decrease the production of male hormones. This may bring about other feminine characteristics such as feminine body odor, figure, softer voice and more.

If you only wish to have more feminine breasts, than herbal pills are a good choice. But if you desire a wider feminization process, than hormonal feminization pills are more suited for you.

Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck in fulfilling your dreams.

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