Saturday, July 20, 2013

Progesterone Cream Treats Panic Attacks - The Truth Or Just Wishful Thinking?

Many people wonder if progesterone cream treats panic attacks. Progesterone cream has become very popular in recent years with the marketing of wild yam creams and even bio-identical progesterone pills and creams that a woman can get in a compounding pharmacy with a prescription.

When I went through my horrific bout of panic and anxiety, I was willing to try just about anything to rid myself of the fear, dread and doom that I felt on a daily basis. When it feels like your life is going to end at any moment because you fear everything, you are willing to consider any possible options for treatment.

Progesterone cream was one of the last things I tried, but was one of the quickest acting things that worked for me.

At the time, I used a very well known cream that was available at the health food store. I did not use the wild yam versions because I had heard they were not working as well as this other cream.

When a woman is low on progesterone cream, her body is literally starving for it. Progesterone is a natural sedative and is necessary to a woman's good health. If she is very low in it, that can certainly be a contributing factor to her panic and anxiety issues.

Within 30 minutes of applying my first dose of progesterone cream, my anxiety lessened to the point that I felt calm for the first time in months. I have continued to use progesterone since that time 7 years ago. Now I take a pill version prescribed by my doctor, which is a bio-identical hormone made just for me.

It is highly recommended that you get your blood checked before taking any hormonal supplements as you can make things worse if you start messing with hormones without knowing what you are low in first. Get your doctor's advice first!

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